In 2010 I decided to take a sabbatical from the corporate world to travel in South America. While in Mendoza, Argentina, I rediscovered my true passion for cooking and realized that going back to a corporate environment was not in the cards for me. I learned that life was not just about making money but also about family, friends and doing what you love. I had $50 to my name when I started making hot sauce back in February 2012. To date, Mad Gringo brands can now be found in over 100 retail locations, 6 local markets and has enjoyed exposure on television and in print. I pour my heart and soul into Mad Gringo Hot Sauces everyday, and our line now Includes a BBQ Sauce, (spicy green beans and many other spicy, flavorful products.
We create our line of brands based on our customersfeedback and we will continue to satisfy their demand for excellence.
Jordan J Engman
The Mad Gringo


Mad Gringo Hot Sauce
Barrie,Ontario Canada